IV Hydration

Want to ease the pain of a hangover or migraine? Feeling run down or tired? Sick with a cold or the flu? Want to hydrate and energize before a long week?

Our IVs

Water glass with ice

Re-Hydrate - $100

Feeling a little dehydrated and want to quickly rehydrate? This infusion of saline is just what you need & works immediately.

Party on!

' The After Party '- $135

Feeling sick after a night out? Party hard at the ‘After Party’? If you answered ‘YES’, then this IV mix is the one for you!

man sleeping on sofa after party at home. Morning hangover after party.

' The After Party ' Max-$200

Experiencing the WORST hangover ever? This infusion PLUS add on medications can help relieve your symptoms FAST!

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Meyer’s Mixture - $ 160

This popular therapy will give you a boost when feeling run down.

Inscription immunity, fresh healthy fruits and vegetables containing vitamins

Immune Booster- $175

This IV mix is designed to help you kick symptoms of infection to the curb!

Group of Athletes Sprinters

Athletic Recovery- $175

Strenuous workouts and competition schedules? Feeling tired all of the time? Having trouble completing day to day tasks? This is just the mix you need.

Fashion studio portrait of beautiful african american woman with perfect smooth glowing mulatto skin

Beautify - $165

This mix includes revitalizing vitamins and Biotin to help your skin & hair GLOW

young woman holding hands near head while suffering from migraine with closed eyes

Migraine Relief- $165

Migraine Pain can be debilitating! Don’t suffer for days on end any longer!

Specialty Infusion Mixes

Healthy foods high in antioxidants.

Antioxidant & Cleanse- $180

This mix of powerful antioxidants is great for helping your body get rid of free radicals that can cause inflammation, fatigue, and cellular damage.

Happy middle aged woman looking at camera. Anti age face skin care, closeup view

Anti-Aging & Acne Mix - $175

Reverse oxidative damage seen with aging and improve skin quality with this specialized IV mix

Anti-Stress- $175

Feeling all the stress but don’t have time for relaxation or a vacation? This infusion helps alleviate all the effects stress can have on your body.

Metabolic/ Weight Loss- $180

This mix is the perfect addition to any workout and nutritional plan to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.