Migraine Relief- $160

Here at Replenish 502 we know that migraines can be debilitating. Thanks to our Migraine Relief therapy, you no longer have to suffer from your symptoms for several days, or go to the ER to get relief.

Let one of our experienced nurses come to your home and administer our Migraine Relief therapy where you feel most comfortable. You can lay in bed with the lights off while your infusion is being administered if needed. Our nurses understand that patients suffering from migraine pain need peace & quiet.

Our Migraine mix and included add on medications can help relieve symptoms during an active migraine as well as prevent rebound headaches once the migraine is gone.

  • Receive our specialized vitamin mix in normal saline which will help rehydrate you, strengthen your immune system, and restore energy.
  • Our add on medications include anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and dexamethasone which will help prevent rebound headaches once the migraine is gone.


Migraines can result from numerous triggers both physical and emotional. Prevent these triggers with regular IV hydration therapy to help improve your mood and energy levels while alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue, allergies, and dehydration.

Ask to speak with our Nurse Practitioner to develop a plan of care specific to meeting your needs.